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Reliance Invest in Automated Tool Dispensing System

Oct 5, 2022

Reliance Precision Manufacturing (Ireland) Limited (‘RPMI’) has recently invested in a state-of-the-art automated tool dispensing system and are delighted with the contribution it is already making to production.

After deciding to automate the previous manual tool selection and picking process, RPMI undertook a comprehensive review of the systems on the market. Whilst it is common practice for tool manufacturers to supply their tool dispensers free of charge, and many companies opt for this solution, RPMI chose to purchase a system, thus enabling them to continue procuring tools from a range of different vendors.

RPMI decided on the Matrix MAXI automated tool dispenser from Hard Metal Machine Tools (‘Hard Metal’). An ergonomically designed, compact unit, it offers a wide selection of bin options and has large storage capacity suitable for a variety of cutting tools and related commodities. Whilst there are many benefits to the Matrix MAXI dispenser, a key influencer for RPMI was functionality that allows much stricter control over the use of gauges with defined calibration limits. Calibration dates can be entered for each gauge and the Matrix will prevent access to the gauge if it is past the calibration date. It will also issue notifications when gauges require re-calibrating. Another key factor was the opportunity it provides for the business to move to consignment stock, whilst being able to retain some non-consignment stock.

The purchase initiative, part of RPMI’s ongoing commitment to invest in the latest production technologies, was led by James McGettrick, RPMI’s Production Engineering Manager. He comments “Whilst the Matrix tool dispenser has only been installed a few months, we are really pleased with the contribution it makes to maintaining the efficiency of our production manufacturing process. The support and training we have received from Hard Metal during this time has been excellent. The system is very user friendly and provides quick and easy access to relevant tools by nominated operatives with relevant authorisations. RPMI now has a very low risk of a stock-out situation, due to automatic ordering at defined minimum stock levels, avoiding potential disruption to our production schedule.”